The Importance of Teaching Students About Solar Energy

Solar energy is a pretty popular term, at least in the adult world. High school students and individuals in college might not be quite aware of what this type of energy is though, and that is one of the reasons why it’s so important to teach them about the topic!

General Education
Going out into the world and owning a home for the first time will present young singles, couples and families with a lot of decisions. One of them will be whether or not to have solar energy present in the house. If they are not familiar with what that type of energy is, then they are likely to automatically say no. Knowing for the sake of being aware of the world is one of the reasons to discuss this topic.

Saving the Earth
People generally realize that some drastic changes are taking place on the earth. Natural resources are quickly being depleted, weather patterns are changing and the price of gas is always rising. Steps need to be taken to reduce some of the damaging happenings on the earth, and solar energy is clearly one of the ways to save on traditional forms of energy. Certainly, students might implement these methods in their own homes and encourage family members to do the same. However, they could also go on to advocate for the use of solar energy at a broader level.

Job Opportunities
An introduction to solar energy also opens up the doors to different types of job opportunities, many of which are in a booming sector – energy will always be in demand, especially new, green types. A student could go on to work as a producer of equipment to help harness solar energy, or he or she could work as a scientist in the field. The door could also be open to an array of other career opportunities in the industry of environmental studies. Students could be inspired to teach environmental science at the elementary school level or to lecture about the topic in college courses. Regardless of the outcome, even a hinting early on can result in major progress for all of mankind down the road.

Environmental Advocacy
If students grow up in a home that does not discuss the environment, solar power or any of the other issues occurring in the world, then they might not be aware of how much the environment is really changing and what they need to do to prevent these detrimental consequences. After learning about solar energy though, they might be inspired to go out into the world and start to advocate on behalf of the environment. This can motivate them to start clubs at the school or to campaign to local, state or federal government officials to make bigger changes in the world.

Ultimately, when it comes to an education on solar energy, the effects that it can have on students are great and far reaching. Whether such an education inspires them to be more sensitive to the needs of the earth in their own homes or it motivates them to start a state-wide campaign, an impression has been made.

Manobeth Kahlua earned a computer science degree in 2011 from the University of Iowa, and he now writes about green living, science education and more. 

Why Environmental Awareness is a Must for Every Individual

From professors at local universities to major officials in the federal government, so many people are talking about ways to keep the environment safe and clean. Since these individuals in positions of authority seem to be dealing with the matters, regular citizens and students often assume they need not do their part. However, environmental awareness is crucial for everyone. Read on to find out why.

Fundamentally, environmental awareness is important so that people stay abreast as to what is happening in the world. Whether individuals want to attribute it to excess amounts of carbon in the atmosphere or to weather patterns that naturally shift from time to time, global warming is happening. To deny the existence of changes in the environment and a necessity to respond to them is to evade one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Personal Effects
In addition to the fact that environmental changes will affect the world as a whole, people also must be aware of how it will affect them personally. For example, if new regulations are put onto the types of cars that people can buy, they will have to start saving up to buy such a vehicle. Individuals would likely be grandfathered in, but they would eventually have to purchase a more eco-friendly car. This has already happened for light bulbs, and within just a few months, we’ll all be privy to new rules concerning how we can light our homes.

Public Problems
On top of the personal issues that people may face as a result of environmental issues, the public at large will also see changes. Public parks filled up with litter may simply shut down or become incubis of poverty and crime if individuals in the community do not volunteer to help with the work. In fact, the world as we know it might completely change if global warming is not harnessed and lessened. The earth that we know could be entirely different for our children, grandchildren or other future generations who are about to be born into this environmentally changing world.
Pitching In
Simply shutting off lights, recycling materials and turning off the water when not in use are small ways that people can help out. However, even though we were taught these important facts when we were young, so many people decide that they simply cannot be bothered. When they pay attention to the facts though, and the ways in which the world has already changed as a result of environmental damage, they may be inspired to save their world from facing an uncertain, and potentially very risky, fate.

Bryan Wellington writes about science, green living and parenting. His most recent piece was a student-centered article on the best degrees for green jobs.


Here’s How to Save 75% on Your Electric Bill

Yup, it’s possible to not only save money, but also help protect the environment.

Here are the 5 reasons to accomplish both AT THE SAME TIME.

1. You can save $100′s on your power bill,  next month and every month after that. Think of the long term value of that.  This is not short-term savings, but lifelong.

2. At the same time, you will help limit the greenhouse gas emissions your power company is now releasing to produce the power you have been using.  Not a lot by yourself, but each step is part of the critical next step we all need to survive on this planet.

3. Whether you do this yourself or invite friends or family to help, you and they will all enjoy the satisfaction of building something worthwhile – your own electrical power generator.

4. Once you are off the grid, you will laugh at rising energy prices. They won’t bother you, in fact they will make your accomplishments just that much more valuable.

5. This is your turn to take action and become part of the solution rather than being a part of the demand the energy companies use at their excuse to not take action on their own.
To learn more about how you can do your part click on the link below, read the material and then take action.

Eco Energy Systems


How to Solar Power Your Cell Phone

FREE ENERGY – Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack

Solar powered Cell phone hack Walkthrough – A way to convert your cell phone to solar power and take advantage of free energy. Solar powered Cell phone hack.  When looks don’t matter as much as the demonstration of how it could be done.

How To Make A Solar Panel Part 1

How To Make A Solar Panel Part 1

How to solder and assemble a 36 cell solar panel. This is the third panel I have made so far. I buy all my parts on Ebay. Parts shown in video cost me $120.00. This panel will produce 18 volts at around 5 amperes for a total of 90 watts.

Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal

Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal

Solar energy produced by International Automated Systems, Inc. is now a practical alternative to coal. A revolutionary bladeless turbine enables new solar pods to produce solar power at a lower cost than coal, and free of emissions.

Solar Panels – How to Make a Homemade Solar Panel

Solar Panels – How to Make a Homemade Solar Panel

How to Make a Homemade Solar Panel Solar panels, unlike before, are cheap and easy to install with great efficiency. With this advent, you can save big money as well as help save the environment. A DIY kit is available.

Dirt Energy – Power Up With Dirt

Can this be true?

Electrical Power from a handful of dirt…

Yes, says Brad Hume author of Dirt4Energy, and more to the point he shows videos to prove the point.

Now you don’t get a lot of power, but some, and with a little know how you can connect multiple dirt batteries to generate useful power. Power enough to recharge your cell phone or light some lights.

It’s pretty amazing.

To learn more click on the banner below and check out dirt4energy.

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Do it Yourself Solar Panels – 5 Simple Steps to Build DIY Solar Panels

Do it Yourself Solar Panels – 5 Simple Steps to Build DIY Solar Panels

By Violeta Cutri

Solar Panels make use of the renewable energy from the sun. Renewable energy is the energy generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind; tides.etc. One can get many benefits from solar energy. Since many are not aware of its benefits it has not been utilized properly. Instead of buying these panels you can do solar panels yourself. This panel can be built easily with simple tools. The tools that are necessary for constructing the solar panels include solar plates, photovoltaic cells, semi conductor block, converter, conductor wires and battery. These components are available in the market at a very low cost. It is easy to assemble these parts to form a Solar Panel.

There are five simple steps which helps you to build Solar panel by yourself very easily and quickly.

Step 1: Join the solar plates and the photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells are cells that produce electricity directly from the sunlight. The solar plates should be kept on top of the photovoltaic cells. Both the ends of the solar plate and photovoltaic cells should be tied firmly with wires.

Step2: Then the semi conductor block is taken and is kept below the two and is tied with plenty of conductor wires.

Step 3: After making sure the plates have been tied properly with cell and semi conductor block, the plate should be kept in a good position with the sun. You must be sure that the sun’s rays falls on the plate. Only if we position the plates properly it will absorb maximum sun’s energy.

Step 4: Next, connect the converter. The converter is used to filter the energy to remove the non-electronic components. The converted energy must have only electrons.

Step 5: Finally we need to connect the battery. The battery absorbs the electrons. The suns power is now converted into electricity. We can use more than ten batteries to increase the storage capacity. This electricity obtained can be used for any electrical appliance.

If we follow these steps you can very easily build an effective solar panel. If there is direct sunlight at your home then it is the best place to build this panel. Before you go in for making the solar panels by yourself you must make sure that there is an appropriate place to keep the panel (Where there is direct sunlight) and all the components that are required to build the panel. After successful conversion of solar energy to electricity, you can teach these steps to other people who are not aware of the benefits of solar energy.

Making a solar panel by yourself will not only save the amount spent in buying the panel, but will also save the planet. If you want to learn about these strategies in detail then you should just visit and follow the advice that is sure to increase your knowledge on building solar panels.

Article Source:—5-Simple-Steps-to-Build-DIY-Solar-Panels&id=4052117

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Wind Turbines How They Work

How Wind Turbines Work – 3D Animation

Cel shaded animation of how wind turbines make electricity out of the wind. Created by yonatan frimer using 3ds max and adobe after effects cs3

DIY Solar Power Panel Kits


Solar Training is an interesting idea as True Green Business may be the wave of the future. Check your local harbor freight tools usa inc harbor freight usa Please rate this video. Thank you very much. www.greenpowerscience….

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Set up solar energy

With the world facing a serious vitality problems, it is advisable to get another electrical power answer at home. The idea not just assists the federal government battle electricity problems in a very much better way, and also assists help save strength for the remainder of the globe. Installing a different electricity solution in the home is no under a fantastic humanitarian work.

One of the alternative power options, the particular solar power system and also the wind electrical power technique include the most favored becoming a smaller amount troublesome. Though wind energy is advisable, each and every people can put into action the idea with each of our houses due to its pre-requisites. For utilizing any wind flow power system, we’d like a sizable place and the typical breeze speed in the region needs to be 12 miles per hour. In contrast, the solar powered energy product is easier to carry out. You simply need plentiful sunlight.

The entire solar energy system provides diverse components. Most people carry out many of these elements as per their demands. Let’s go through the different solar powered energy components.

Pv cooker: Your pv oven is regarded as the popular solar power program applied with houses. Let’s check out the positive aspects:

• Healthy cooking : The foodstuff cooked utilizing a solar oven is considered extremely wholesome. It is possible to cook to get a category of several in a tiny preparing food box at any given time.

• Assortment food preparation * You can facial boil, roast, along with make using the same method!

• Zero gasoline – The particular solar cooker does not employ some other gasoline apart from the particular sun’s mild, as a result helping you preserve electrical power.

• Zero pollution levels : The photo voltaic pot neither sends out any kind of gas neither should it keep virtually any deposit. Celebrate which are more environment-friendly preparing food method.

Pv electrical generator: The actual pv power generator can be a device which goes all your electrical kitchen appliances while using the solar panel technology. This product switches solar technology directly into electric power utilizing photovoltaic cells. Your solar power turbine can be called your solar power lights method. The actual solar power generator retailers electrical power within tissues . Adding the solar electrical generator in your own home is a good power-saving and cost-saving concept. Envision running the actual power appliances with no worrying regarding having to pay virtually any charges!

Pv cold weather system: Employing the solar thermal technique or solar power heat in your own home covers your own home’s temp wants. You can maintain a continuous temperatures at your residence without worrying with regards to expenses. Due to the reputation, your home heating systems doesn’t only match your finances but also remember to the eyes. Scalping systems aren’t an eye painful.

Help Make Solar Energy

Help make solar technology

The actual sun’s power or perhaps the solar power is among the most abundant kind of electricity on planet. The sun is capable of doing supplying us all more than warmth and lightweight. The sun’s rays has been one of the primary elements dictating each dwelling being’s stay with planet earth. When we go the right path, you can utilize far more from the solar energy, just like making power with regard to daily use.

What are the features of solar energy?

Your solar energy option is gaining popularity amongst the alternate electricity options.

• Natural vitality option: If you consider the solar panel technology remedy, you are going to recognize that the idea uses zero fuel besides the particular sun’s light. Furthermore, it does not relieve into the atmosphere something dangerous.

• Lowest priced power option: Initial, the power comes no cost. And then, your installation price is any one-time cost. Lastly, an investment is actually recoverable inside a several years regarding installation, making the power produced through solar technology totally free.

• Capability of storage: You can’t keep standard strength but you could keep solar powered energy with regard to long term utilize. The particular sun’s energy comes to save even the periods associated with the dark! Storing in addition, it makes certain a new 24×7 availability of electrical power, thus helping you save from virtually any power blackout.

• Have less upkeep: The particular solar technology methods are easy to maintain. They cannot include high costs as well as a lot of hard work, thus enabling you to reap the benefits of the perfect solution pleasantly.

Just how can solar energy be used?
Solar power may be used within our each day existence by simply using the following solar technology programs:

• Solar power cooking program: Solar cooking food is all about food preparation without illumination a hearth or perhaps using electrical energy! When you wonder, without a doubt which solar power preparing food is not regarding bland foodstuff. It is possible to make in many ways than 1 — steam, toast, or perhaps cook, prepare food the method that you would like! The only desire that will photo voltaic food preparation helps make people will be affected individual; it is just a few lots of units. Nevertheless, it’s not at all asking for excessive considering the fact that you’ll get stylish along with healthy food choices without having stressing regarding spending your own gasoline or perhaps utility bill.

• Solar power lighting method: Now you can illuminate the whole house, utilize each electric appliance without contemplating cutting down charges. Your pv lighting program fires up your property even just in the nights, due to the strength storage area function it has.

• Solar heat: You can keep the house cozy along with comfortable while using the pv furnace without having having to worry regarding fees.

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Solar Aviation First International Sun Powered Flight

First international solar flight

A solar energy plane has touched down in Brussels, marking the success of the world’s first ever international flight powered by the sun. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at


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